Open a new page in esthetic stomatology chart If you are not completely satisfied what mother nature gave you, do a total make-over considering the colour ,shape and position of teeth ,because veneers without drilling can correct all of it!

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New side of your smile
with non-prep veneers 250

Modern superhero in stomatology. Is it a computer? Is it a machine? Not quite,it is Wieland Zanotec Select! Or more precise, super new technology in stomatology which makes all the others unfit to the task regarding your teeth!

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Design of a new smile
for 2 days 180

The truth is that dental implants can cost significantly less than you can even imagine. The problems with teeth nowdays are very common, some services of esthetic stomatology we couldn’t used to afford, but today these services are much more affordable with their price. Overall, if you have problems with your teeth, call DENTAL VİSİON TEAM which will surely be of a great help.

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New implants
installation 380


Bad teeth are not something unusual these days. The best possible way of getting nice teeth today are dental implants.


Advanced CAD/CAM technology (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) where design and manufacturing of dental prosthetics ımproves and enhances by computers.


It is the time for the first impression by non-prep veneers – veneers placed directly on tooth
without drilling


If you want only the best , e.max non-metal ceramics is something you should accept without any hesitation

Dental ordination – DENTAL VISION

We charish individual approach

Dental ordination DENTAL VISION offers to you a unique concept of healing and replacement of teeth and its surrounding tissues. We perfected ourselves in esthetic smile alteration. Our methods are based on maximum protection of dental tissue which is shown in minimal invasive therapy.

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Painless stomatology – non-prep veneers

For years, patients had to live with a possibility of teeth correction,but not with position alteration,size and colour,except if they do not take invasive method . Nevertheless, today is the right time for the first impressions about non-prep veneers that are placed on a tooth without drilling, which will for sure put a smile on your face ! This latest tech method of shape , colour and position alteration provides painless procedure.Non-prep veneers are made of modern linking materials that provide a placement of fine resorative veneers with minimal thickness but much stronger porcelain,and on top of that, their main advantage is that teeth are not drilled,so veneers attach directly on a tooth, which gives a strong bond and durability.

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New teeth production for 2 days !

Precision of this machine is seen at computer – guided system for manufacturing. Multifunctionality is provided by eight discs which contain various materials for prosthetics manufacturing, which gives an additional option for an expert to managment of materials inserts into the machine, by time that way creating a system of view to all data base, that will for every restauration choose the appropriate disc with the adequate material. Furthermore, it eliminates a possibility of human error, speeds up the process of production and makes it ultra precise.Due to all of this, it is achievable to leave the machine to work over night, while the new materials do not present any problem for this super –machine. All of these possibilities mean that the production time has been shorten for increadible two days also followed by much reasonable price , becuase these are the true advantages of involving the new Technologies in stomatology and dental prosthetics.

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