History of veneers starts with the first moments
when people decided to improve their smiles

First veneers actors wore ın the 20’s in the last century.

When it is spoken about veneers ,especially about non-prep veneers that present their modern version, many think it was a part of esthetic stomatology that developed in the past 20-30 years.However, the truth is totally different , it was used even in 20’s in the last century as a ceramic veneer for teeth.

In that time, a famous American dentist dr. Charles Pincus, who took care of the oral health of most famous movie stars in Hollywood , created veneers to improve their smiles and designed them perfectly.Of course, his veneers were temporary and he used different oral glue to attach them to patient’s frontal teeth so they can look amazing and astonishing in front of cameras.Consequently, his product became the main tool in Hollywood, the act of beauty that most of people desired , but only a few could afford.

The most important step in further developement of veneers gave dr. Michael Bunocore. He worked for years with the finest materials in search for porcelain veneers , more similar to natural teeth , but also durable and strong at the same time. In that time, he made the best drilled dental veneers who were used with a special acid liquid that was used to put veneers on teeth and additionally be sealed with oral cement. With this, oral esthetics had a real burst of success, especially among middle class in the USA and also in Europe.

During the next 30 years , technology has improved so much that now are being used much lighter materials to make veneers, more similar to natural teeth, with higher durability and strenght , and capable to correct any oral flaw. Beside that, they are not a privilege of those with deeper pocket, but also to everyone who want to invest nowdyas in their health and beauty.Veneers are a permanent solution that gives confidence, additional card for any new challanges, security and stability, and on you is just to visit a dentist and check if you are the right candidate to get all of this.

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