Children stomatology

First visit to a dentist is always the most important. From that moment depends what kind of impression a kid might have about oral hygiene , which is crucial for further developement of their teeth and care.

Consdering that is a first visit to a dentist , we make sure there are not any interventions that can be traumatic for a child,or yet keep them simple just to relax the child , and get turst in his dentist.The parents will get advices about an appropriate oral hygiene and diet for their child, cause this is very ımportant period for establishing good life habits.

Preventive measures that we provide, whıch are also painless ( removal of soft fibers,fluoridation of teeth,making veneers ) protect teeth from appearance of caries.Due to this,the first visit to a dentist should stay as a nice memory and accept every next one without any fear.

The biggest pleasure to us is a happy child with healthy teeth , that comes for regular check ups with a smile.