Dental braces

When a patient is in lack of many teeth , one of the simplest therapies are dental braces. Nowdays, with braces is possible to get functionality, and also lovely and natural teeth looks.

There are many types and sorts of dental braces , and they include partial and total dental braces.

Partial braces are made in cases when you do not have one or more teeth, regardless of the fact if other teeth are natural, covered with crowns or a bridge .Partial braces are contructively more complexed than total braces,because it has elements that are attached to other teeth. The elements have double role, it considers attachment to other teeth and transmitting strenght during chewing on other teeth.

Total dental braces help with complete lack of teeth. Furthermore, total braces cover all jaw, upper or lower one. The patients who wear total braces ,apart from necessary rehabilitation of chewing functionality,speech and swollowing, we provide natural looks that gives the feeling of security,self-confidence and pleasure.

Overall, with new materials and advanced technologies it can be made a dental brace which goes smoothly, comortable to wear, and also with totally natural appearance.