Dental prosthetics

Modern superhero in stomatology

Is it a computer ? Is it a machine ? Not quite,it is Wieland Zanotec Select!

Or more precise ,super new technology in stomatology which makes all the others unfit to the task regarding your teeth !

Like happens most of the time in stories about superheroes it all begins with age of virtual that quickly alters in a material ,very vivid reality,in this instance it is advanced CAD/CAM technology (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) where design and manufacturing of dental prosthetics veneers,crowns,bridges ,implants ımproves and enhances by computers.While using the convecional methods of manufacturing prothetics,patient was getting a temporary replacement for his teeth and waited for a few weeks whilst labotratory completes the prothetic elements which he will use. With CAD/CAM technology ,time of waiting for implants is a few days which do not have any effects on quality.Faster , more accurate and simpler production gives us cost reduction,which is one of many advantages of digitalization and mechanization in stomatology.

At this moment, when we introduced all the basics, it is time for us to meet the main hero of this story. It is Wieland Zenotec Select machine , which has the main role of CAD/CAM benefits.

Three words that describe it the best are : PRECİSİON,COMPACTNESS and MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY.

Precision of this machine is seen at computer – guided system for manufacturing which contains of high-tech system with 5 axles for simultaneous operations with all the advantages of automated manufacturing. Multi- usage of it supports eight discs that have different materials for production of prothetics,which to specailists gives an option for directing the materials which are used in the machine by time creating a system with view and full –look at the data base that will for each restauration choose a disc with the proper material . This way ,it eliminates possibility of human errors,speeds up the process of manufacturing and makes it precise.Furtheremore,it is possible to leave the machine to work over night ,while new materials do not make any problems for this super machine.

All these possibilities mean that the time of manufacturing is reduced for increadible two days and all followed by more than reasonable price, because at the end these are some of the advantages of new technologies in stomatology and dental technique!

When you take a look at the full picture , if there is a necessity for a stomatological intervention of a real teeth superhero,digitally it is the right way to do it today.For instance, watching a black & white movie has its own magic, but it can not compare to a 3D projection , likewise Wieland Zenotec Select machine that on the basics which are established many years ago , completes the procedure to perfection by using new technologies to provide to our patients feeling of a perfect smile in the shortest possible time !