Dental tourism

Lately, the number of patients who travel to Serbia from European countries for dental services has doubled. Serbia is an attractive destination for dental tourism for people from Germany, Austria, Italy,Switzerland, Sweden and even Canada and the USA.

The reason for their coming to Serbia in a large number is primarily for professional services of dentists, rich tourist opportunities and significantly lower prices.

Lower prices
Dental Vision dentist ordination offers a concept of dental tourism in sense of providing the best dental services based on the world standards, which are up to 70% lower comparing to the same interventions abroad. We offer completely free consultations and check ups.

High quality
We offer more than ordinary.We consider that everyone has rights for quality and esthetics.We guarantee you quality and fast intervention. We offer to our clients experts and competative dentists and dental technicians , all focused for patient’s needs.

Explore the city of Belgrade as one of the top European tourist destinations.You will carry many lovely memories from Belgrade, eat the best foods and have an amazing time.