Metal-ceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns have a base made of metal layer that is covered with a layer of ceramics (porcelain) from all sides .Metal gives these teeth resistance on chewing ,teeth cracking and ceramics gives the colour of the teeth.

Implementing of metal –ceramics over 40 years ago made a siginificant success in manufacturing of prosthetics in natural teeth colour. Deficiency of dental prosthetics with plastic veneers ( for example – change of colour due to porosity of material, fast consumption or abrasion of material ) they are removed by usage of metal – ceramics as a material for making dental prosthetics.

Meanwhile, prosthetics made of metal-ceramics have shown as a standard procedure in dental prosthetics. Consequently, all the material upgrades led to improvements in optimal results with esthetics,especially in dental neck area. The risk of less quality adhesion between metal crown and materials for covering the teeth we can consider solved.

In long term history of clinical usage, metal-ceramics has shown as a secure and clinically tested material. Moreover, metal-ceramics is at the same time a comparative standard for estimation of inovative procedures of reconstruction in detal prosthetics.