Non–metal ceramics

e.max is the solution that demands a modern patient !

Pursuit for esthetic restaurations continously grows , because of this patients are not satisfied just with good-looking teeth ,they also demand natural – looking teeth ( shape, colour,warmness) in all parts of oral cavity especailly is the ‘smile zone ‘.

Non-metal cermics is material which came together with zircon regarding manufacturing of ceramic crowns.It is adorned by esthetic features were is hard to match up with zircon. Translucency,transparency and flourescence are completely transmitted into ceramic crown, consequently it is impossible to differentiate from natural teeth.The best results are made when the crown is placed on a natural, drilled tooth. Apart from these esthetic features it has three times more thickness from dental enamel, which removes any possible fear of crown cracking. Mostly,it is used for instalation in the frontal mouth area, were esthetics is a must.

The crown made of e.max ceramics is used for replacement of any tooth in oral cavity.All these characteristics give it wider indications and exactly that is the reason why in our ordination we use it as material for all esthetic procedures.

If you want only the best , e.max ceramics is the right choice of quality and you should not accept less than that.