Parantodology is a branch of stomatology that takes care of supporting structures of teeth which nowdays has remarkable improvements.

One of alarming signs of gums illness is a constant unpleasant breath or bad taste in your mouth.These illnesses are mostly caused by plaque, which is a sticky ,colourless compound full of bacteries that constantly appears on our teeth. The bacteries make poison that iritates and damages our gums.The demage transfers from gums on bone ,so consequently teeth lose their support and the process of their loss starts.

If you have noticed any signs of illness on your teeth or gums . call our ordination because we are specialists for paradontal illnesses.

Aside with a parantologist and new methods of threating the illness, we have amazing results that open new chapters of paradontology.

As a very experienced institution with dental paradontology followed by latest technology, we offer our patients advices about oral hygiene, high level of professionalism and best service in the area of paradontology.

Most of other ordinations in fact can give you lots of headaches,cause they can not follow the financial part you have planned.The truth is, dental implants can cost notoriously less money that you can even imagine.

For instance, let,s suppose you are an individual in your 30’s or early 40’s , and for some reason you have lost your tooth or teeth. By looking at the implant prices.a great proportion of people give up in start.

Probably you also would not want to live without a tooth or teeth till the rest of your life.All of this can have a bad influence on your social and private life.I you think that somehow you saved up some money that way ,you are completely wrong. Being toothless can give you a negative image among people and can destroy your private,social and professional life.

Thus, these are information necessary for you to get the right implants.Always keep in ming that you should take branded implant to avoid potential problems in the future.Dental implant are often considered as a permanent solution for teeth problems.However,it is a long term investment.

İn this time, problems with teeth are common, some of the services of esthetic stomatology we could not afford, nevertheless , they are much more affordable these days with their price.Thus, if you have issues with your teeth, call out DENTAL VİSİON team that will surely be of a great help.