Non Prep veneers

They say a second is enough to make the first impression about someone and it is proved that your smile has a dominante role in what kind of impression we give to others.

For years, patients had to live with a possibility of teeth correction,but not with position alteration,size and colour,except if they do not take invasive method, known as teeth drilling.

Modern linking materials provide a placement of fine resorative veneers with minimal thickness which will not be damaged by daily usage of jaws ,and on top of that without or with irrelevant time for preparation. Thus , there in no more drilling of teeth ! If you are not pleased with teeth that mother nature gave you, you can make a decision about total transformation that includes colour, shape and position of teeth,because veneers without drilling can provide all of this !

So,what is the main idea and also the advantage of this new technology?

For start, veneers without drilling are made of much thinner,but also firmer alloys of porcelain and main advantage comparing to classic porcelain veneers is the fact that teeth are not being drilled, in such manner veneers flakes are put directly on tooth,which causes a strong connection and durability. In case of necessary preparation there are basic corrections that do not include anesthesia, as a reason they are quite surface located and are not followed by interventions on enamel, which means that dentin is not being touched and the structure of teeth stays unharmed.
Thus, teeth and gums are saved and results are made.